Complex Writing Projects; Simple Writing Logs

Complex Writing Projects; Simple Writing Logs

Although my writing projects tend to be short, meaning measured by number of words instead of pages, my dissertation is one huge exception. Managing it and keeping myself motivated and accountable requires some outside structure, some sort of device that tracks my progress and doesn’t ding me for not “measuring up.”

I have tried some really great software, apps, and online accountability programs (special shout-out to 750 Words); however, they tend to be too complicated, too punitory, or too expensive for what I need.

Inspiration, as it often does, came from my friend Ryan, an English Ph.D student and my personal writing instruction mentor/guru. He just prints out a writing log, something simple that tracks word count, and enters in each day’s work with a pen.

No muss; no fuss.

Here is a .pdf of the Writing Log I made and use. Feel free to download it and use it in whatever way you want. As long as you promise to just keep writing!

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